Carpet Stain Removal – Tips & Tricks:

Posted Date: 15-04-2014

Whether it’s at home or in the office, one the most common stains to have to deal with is a carpet stain. Accidents happen and we all would tend to spill something on a carpet at some point or the other, carpet stains can be very frustrating to clean too. When something spills onto a carpet it must be dealt with promptly and quickly cleaned up to prevent deep staining. Most spills can be cleaned up without a problem as long as the right approach is taken to cleaning the carpet. Below we discuss some of the essential steps to take when cleaning up your office floors or carpets at home in the case if an unexpected spill:

The equipment:

  • Cleaning cloth or towel that will absorb well
  • A dry cleaning solution
  • Detergent solution & Vinegar – add one teaspoon of white vinegar to the detergent
  • Ammonia Solution: Can be made by adding a teaspoon of household ammonia to a cup of warm water – works like a miracle!


  • Be sure to always test any cleaning solutions or detergents on a discreet area of the carpet before applying on the spill, this is to prevent any reaction with the carpet.
  • Use the detergents and solutions at the right dilution ratios and be careful not to make the solutions too concentrated
  • Do Not rub the stain, blot the spill or stain rather than rubbing or scrubbing it so it does not spread
  • Do not use other cleaning solvents like washing powders or bleach as they may affect the carpet and cause damage
  • Only apply the cleaning solvents and detergent to the cleaning cloth or towel and not directly onto the carpet itself
  • Work from the outside of the stain inwards so that you can avoid spreading
  • Always try to clean up the spill or stain as soon as possible so that you are more likely to successfully clean it up completely
  • Keep the carpet dry as possible


  • Mix the detergent solution and vinegar with water to the ratio of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water
  • Pour the mix into a spraying bottle and spray it over the affected stain or apply the solvent to the cleaning cloth
  • Blot the dampened area to remove any excess moisture
  • Spread kitchen towels or absorbent cleaning cloth over the stain and apply pressure to soak in the stain
  • Repeat the process if necessary and leave the cleaning cloth with pressure over night

It’s important to always act quickly in the case of a spill onto carpets and try to attend to the cleaning straight away. In some cases there are spills that will cause a more serious stain, like from spilling red wine, in these situations it may be a good idea to call in a professional cleaning company and have the office cleaners take care of it.

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