What you need to know when buying a commercial vacuum cleaner:

Posted Date: 26-06-2014

Commercial vacuum cleaners are built to last; they are more durable as well as being designed to handle extensive dirt and debris with regular use. If the commercial cleaning at your business is done in-house or even if you simply need a vacuum for your office cleaning needs it may be a good idea to look into purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner. If your offices are smaller in nature then a standard residential vacuum cleaner would do, however if you have larger office buildings or warehouses then more robust and heavy-duty commercial cleaning equipment will be needed.

Below are some tips to decide on what type of commercial vacuum cleaner to purchase for your commercial business cleaning needs:

  • What will the vacuum clean be used for?

    There are a large variety of commercial vacuum cleaners too choose from that are available on the market. The right vacuum cleaner to choose depends on the kind of tasks it will be handling on a regular basis. For instance if it is picking up hard materials like screws or other metals maybe at a warehouse or construction site then a more heavy-duty vacuum cleaner will be needed. Whereas if it’s for carpet cleaning at an office and general debris then a more basic one can be used. It is also equally important to consider how much cleaning is going to be done, cleaning a 7000 square meter warehouse and a 1000 square meter office will be different.

  • Design:

    There are generally two types of commercial vacuum cleaners the upright ones and the cylindrical ones. Both types of cleaners have their pros and cons; however the decision mainly comes down to personal preference.

    Upright vacuum cleaner: The entire vacuum cleaning unit sits just above the floor on wheels and dirt/debris is collected in a bad that is attached to the handle. Usually larger in size and must be wheeled around.

    Cylinder vacuum cleaner: The motor and dirt/debris collector is in a separate unit, some are mounted on wheels and smaller ones are designed to be carried like a backpack. The component is connected to the vacuum head with a flexible hose.

  • Power:

    Commercial vacuum cleaners are available in a range of sizes with different suction power capabilities. Assess the cleaning needs of your building, whether its office cleaning or warehouse cleaning, the type of debris as well as the size of cleaning area when deciding on a vacuum cleaner to choose - the larger the motor, the better the suction.

  • Weight:

    Powerful commercial cleaners can be much heavier than residential ones, you must ask yourself how far it will need to be moved or carried. Although most commercial vacuums are larger and heavier in size there are smaller options available too. These have significantly more power than a residential vacuum but are similar in size and can be carried around.

  • Warranty:

    Find out the details of the products warranty, you need to know beforehand which parts and services are covered. Commercial vacuum cleaners are usually more expensive but are built to last a lot longer.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    Another important aspect to consider is the impact on the environment. Check the energy usage of the vacuum cleaner and see that it is not unnecessarily too much, this will help reduce your carbon footprint as well as reduce operating costs.

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