Methods to Cleaning Glass Office Buildings - Part 1:

Posted Date: 31-10-2013

Over the last several years the design of modern office buildings has seen a drastic increase in the use of glass in the construction of the building. The use of glass in modern architecture is very prominent and can be seen on most new office buildings around the globe, this is a trend that is unlikely to change because of the many advantages of using glass. Firstly Glass office buildings are more pleasing to look at as well as eye catching. Besides the aesthetics glass office buildings lead to designs that provide a lot of natural lights as well as a nice atmosphere within the building itself. Although glass is a brilliant material to have throughout the exterior of your building, glass tends to get visibly dirty. From high rise buildings like the Eureka Towers in Melbourne or smaller office buildings in the Melbourne CBD, they all require office cleaning services that can make their glass buildings shine.

There are several methods to cleaning high rise glass office buildings two of which are discussed below:

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System:

This involves the use of a specialized brush attached to a pole that feeds water through it. The extra special feature is the fact that it uses De-Ionized water to feed through to the brush; this is not only a more environmentally friendly cleaning technique but also a more effective one. It is considered to be more environmentally friendly because no excessive cleaning chemicals are used and the main solution is purified water (de-ionized water). The de-ionized water that is pumped through this water fed window washing system is a lot more effective than conventional cleaning techniques and results in a more thorough clean.

How purified (de-ionized) water is more effective at cleaning:

  • De-ionized water has all or most of its mineral content removed, this makes it very hungry to acquire mineral from the dirt and remove contaminants from the cleaning surface.
  • It is an active cleaner (cleaning solution) and can be used with or without detergents, making it ideal for a chemical free yet effective wash.
  • De-ionized water doesn’t leave any residue on the glass surface, so you there will be no water spotting when it dries. (The thin film of salts that you get from dried tap water will not be there)
  • The purified water will remove any remaining detergent or soaps when it is used as a rinsing agent in the rinsing phase and since it has no mineral content it leaves no soap deposits on the windows.

Although the purified water fed window cleaning system is highly effective, it can only be used for building that are up to about 20 meters tall. So what about the office buildings that are taller?

Well there’s a separate cleaning method that is usually used for much taller office buildings, which we will discuss in our next post – Part 2 of methods to cleaning high rise office buildings.

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