Methods to Cleaning Glass Office Buildings - Part 2:

Posted Date: 12-11-2013

Modern architecture and design combined with the latest building techniques have resulted in remarkable light filled office buildings that line the cityscapes of Melbourne. These office buildings lined with glass all the way to the top most stories also need to be cleaned so the awe inspiring look of the building is maintained. But the question is how do modern cleaning companies tackle such high rise buildings?

Last week on our blog we spoke about the water fed pole window cleaning system which makes use of de-ionized water that is fed through pole with a specialized brush at the end of it. Although this is a very effective and eco-friendly cleaning service it has its limitations – such as only being able to clean to about a maximum of 20 meters. There are two main reasons why the water fed system is limited by height; one is the fact that the higher the water needs to be pumped the more powerful and larger the pumps need to be. The other is simply the fact that after a certain height, it becomes humanly impossible to operate a water fed pole any taller

So how do most professional cleaning companies tackle these tall office buildings? – The most commonly used method is with the use of cradles and platforms that maybe be wither attached to the structure of the sky scraper itself, or a mobile hydraulic platform that can be used to reach a variety of heights (known as boom lifts). With both methods safety harnesses and helmets are a must and cleaning staff must be trained to adhere to safety guidelines too. The boom lift can reach heights of up to 30 to 40 meters and can effectively be used in most cases.

However with building techniques continuously being pushed to the limits, there are now more and more glass buildings that have unique and unconventional designs with bulges, unusual angles and curves. This makes it near impossible to use boom lifts or the platform and cradle system and requires a little more expertise.

To tackle situations such as this cleaning companies hire window cleaners who are trained and highly skilled in abseiling. Abseiling is basically rappelling down a building with just a rope and a harness. Cleaners who have been trained well to abseil work their way down these skyscrapers top to bottom and manage to clean all the odd angles and hard to reach spots along the outside of the office building. This process is also known as rope access cleaning and requires highly trained stuff and specialized equipment.

Over time as architecture and construction techniques have evolved resulting in unique office buildings of various shapes, so have the cleaning companies evolved in the cleaning techniques they use.

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