Cleaning & Maintaining Timber Floors:

Posted Date: 10-07-2014

Timber is one of the most popular flooring materials widely used in homes, schools and sometimes business properties like offices and shops too. Timber flooring has a great finish providing natural beauty and character to the room. Retaining that stunning look of the timber floors requires proper cleaning and maintenance, this also helps prolong their use.

Below are some useful tips to maintaining the quality of timber floors and what to do in case they are damaged

Cleaning timber floors:

When cleaning, avoid using standard household cleaning products as these may have chemicals that can cause permanent damage. Use only products that are specifically designed for timber floor care. If there are spills on the floor such as strong coffee, red wine or paint don’t leave it to soak, in these cases spot cleaning is important to immediately remove any spills. Liquids (including water) if left on timber over time can be absorbed into the wood and cause damage.

It is also a good idea to sweep and vacuum timber floors on a regular basis, never wash your floors with water or use a wet mop as this can cause damage to the timber. Using timber floor swivel head mops with microfiber material can help remove dirt that is left after sweeping or vacuuming.

When moving furniture around on the floors it’s important to lift the furniture above the timber floor boards so it is not dragged. Dragging furniture over timber floors can result in visible scratches and scuff marks. Another way to avoid this is to lift furniture and place a soft cloth between the bottom of the furniture and the floor; this will help prevent scratches even if the furniture is dragged lightly.

Dealing with damaged timber floorboards:

In spite of your best efforts to maintain your timber floors and leave them immaculate, it’s natural for minor damages, scratches and scuffs to occur over time with use. If it’s just small scratches it’s a good option to consider buffing timber floors to renew its old shine. In the case of minor damages and more serious scuff marks it may be a better option to hire a professional floor sanding service to sand and polish timber floors. Professional timber floor sanders can fill up minor damages such as gaps in the wood, perform timber floor sanding to remove a thin layer of timber eradicating most scratches and scuffs too. Once this is done timber floor polishing can be done once more to bring out the beauty of the floors once again.

There are situations where there can be more serious damage to the timber floors, usually caused by too much exposure to water, such water damage to the timber can require the replacement of floorboards as the timber cannot be salvaged. A timber floor sanding company usually provides timber floor repair services too, where they will replace necessary floorboards before carrying out timber sanding and polishing. These floor sanders will be able to fix, sand and polish your timber floors back to perfection.

When it comes to refinishing timber floors it’s always a better option to hire professional floor sanding and polishing services rather than trying to do it yourself so as to maintain the quality of your timber and get the best finish. There are a number of good companies for floor sanding Melbourne.

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