What Is More Efficient? - Day Time or Night Time Office Cleaning:

Posted Date: 11-12-2013

Both office cleaning during normal office hours as well as office cleaning at night after office hours have their various advantages and disadvantages. Although some people do argue that day time office cleaning can be more green since the office building wouldn’t have to be lit up at night as well as the fact that cleaners are more likely to use public transport during the day to travel to their sites. This would reduce the overall energy consumption hence making it more energy efficient, but it does have its disadvantages as well.

For instance with respect to office cleaners in Melbourne considering how the various cleaning sites would be located throughout Melbourne and cleaners living in various suburbs throughout Melbourne, regardless of whether their working hours are during the night or day the ones who do have cars are likely to use them, and the ones who don’t would be using public transport. So whether the cleaning is done during the daytime or night time it wouldn’t make much of a difference to how they travel. But since Melbourne’s public transport services do not run 24 hours, day time cleaning could certainly encourage more cleaners to use public transport as well, and can still be considered a greener approach.

However this does not necessarily mean that Day time cleaning is more efficient as you will see from the points discussed below

With regard to saving energy consumption by having the office building lights turned off during the night so cleaning can take place during the day, it is not really an arguable point. The reason being that companies generally have office computers, telephone systems, routers, and large servers that are permanently on, making the lighting only a fraction of their wasted energy. Also from our experience Green Office Cleaning Companies train their staff on energy usage when cleaning. The office cleaners are taught to switch on and switch off lights as well as alarms if and when it is needed, thus the impact of night time cleaning on energy consumption is reduced. If office employees are instructed to turn off their PC’s at night it could have a greater difference than switching to day time cleaning.

There are also a few other advantages of night time office cleaning one of which is Operational Health and Safety. If cleaners are working outside the normal office hours they are less likely to get in the way of office employees. For example no one would trip over the wires for the vacuum or steam cleaner nor are they going to slip over a wet floor, this way office employees can go about their daily tasks and so can the cleaners since neither of them will be in the way of each other.

Night time cleaning is also advantageous since the cleaners prefer the working time, since majority of them are either studying or looking after their kid’s during the day and cleaning is either a second job or something they want to do outside normal office hours.

There is an advantage that day time office cleaning has, which is office employees will be able to communicate with cleaning staff and have any related cleaning concerns resolved on the day itself, but this can be handled even with night time cleaners as messages can always be relayed to the cleaning crew through the site manager for the cleaning company.

As you can see both office cleaning during the day as well as after office hours both have their advantages and disadvantages, however we feel that Office cleaning outside normal working hours is more efficient as well as effective.

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