Eco-friendly Cleaning Services – What you need to know:

Posted Date: 17-10-2013

People are starting to become more concerned over being environmentally friendly, pollution free and healthy – this thought train and trend is only ever increasing and is unlikely to change. The reason behind this is that more people are now aware of the destruction to the environment as well as personal health as a result of using harmful chemicals and the release of toxic waste. This prominent way of thinking is resulting in a majority of commercial companies and organizations going green

Ecokleen is one such company that makes use of Green Cleaning to ensure an environmentally friendly and health friendly office cleaning service.

Understanding Green Cleaning:
Green Cleaning is basically an eco-friendly cleaning service. Green cleaning avoids the use of harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals as well as cleaning methods. For a general cleaning service or office cleaning company to be considered green, they must use cleaning products and cleaning methods that are considered safe and friendly to the environment. Eco-friendly, Green cleaning means that the service providers must use cleaning products and techniques that are not harmful to the people using it or people who work or live within the building or establishment. It also means that the products and techniques do not have a significant impact that is detrimental to the environment. This depends not only on the cleaning products but also on the cleaning techniques used and hence the staff have to be trained to use cleaning products properly as well as disposing waste properly. Although the products used must be safe for humans as well as the environment as a whole, they must still work in doing their intended task of cleaning properly

When an office cleaning company goes green, it means that they are committing to do more than just revise the cleaning solvents and techniques used. Green cleaners such as Ecokleen are also taking the initiative to create healthier and more eco-friendly policies around the workplace. As well as train their employees properly on green cleaning techniques and practices

Why Use Green Cleaners:
In addition to all this Eco-friendly cleaning has an overall positive impact. When office cleaners use traditional cleaning products, the harmful chemicals in these products spread and trickle down into the environment when the cleaning solvents are flushed or when aerosol sprays are used. This can contribute to air pollution, or enter the water system and cause an imbalance in the chemical composition of soil. This can directly impact the people working in the environment as well as the plants and aquatic life surrounding it. So by being an eco-friendly and green cleaning company Ecokleen is maintaining a healthier, cleaner work place as well as providing a better service to businesses like yours.

Green Cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning services won’t put an additional strain in your budget, and will also improve your business image as an eco-friendly company that care for the environment and its employees. So let Ecokleen be part of your companies initiative to go green.

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