How to maintain your carpets in a small business office:

Posted Date: 17-09-2014

Below we have listed some of the steps required to clean and maintain a carpet in an office building. When it comes to office cleaning it is generally a better option to hire professional cleaners to take care of the hard work. However if you are running a small business then it may be cheaper to hire the necessary equipment and do it yourself:

  1. When it comes to any sort of carpet cleaning the first step would be to thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove any dust or dirt particles.

  2. The next step would be to use a spray tank or bucket with the right carpet cleaning shampoo. Apply the shampoo onto the carpet and make sure that it has been properly diluted (before applying).

  3. After applying the shampoo the carpet will need to be cleaned, this must be done using a Rotary Floor machine with an attached pad holder. You will need to hire this machine from a cleaning or equipment hire company. The carpet cleaning pads will also be needed here. Attach the pad to the pad holder on the rotary machine and make sure it is centred.

  4. Follow a standard pattern when cleaning using that rotary machine. Keep the pads clean by washing them and wringing them; you can use new pads if the older ones are dirty.

  5. The Pad cleaning must be repeated a few times till the shampoo has been washed off and dirt removed.

  6. Leave the carpets to completely dry

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