How to get the most out of your office cleaners and their services:

Posted Date: 14-05-2014

Something most if not all business owners will agree with is that clients prefer a well maintained, clean office and that it impacts the way they perceive your business itself. The cleanliness of your office gives a client some insight into the standard at which you would handle them and quality of the services you offer. A regularly clean office not only provides a better image to your clients but also keeps your employees happy to be working in a well-organized work environment. If you are a business owner and are having trouble maintaining the cleanliness of your office building then you may need to hire professional office cleaners to handle the task. When hiring an office cleaning company it’s important to be aware of the services they offer and to get the most out of it.

Majority of cleaning companies either focus on a specific type of cleaning task that they specialize in or they offer a variety of cleaning services such as carpet steam cleaning, high pressure cleaning, window washing, strata cleaning and body corporate maintenance. It is important to do research into what they have to offer as well as the reputation they have whether it is online or through references. Below we discuss a few things to do when working with a professional office cleaner in Melbourne:

  • Start by arranging a specific cleaning schedule and plan that is set up based on your business operations and office environment. Most office cleaners will create a tailor made cleaning program as per your requirements. If you need the cleaning done depending on your operational hours, the company can arrange day time or night time cleaning. If you need the resupply of toiletries and general caretaking done at specific times this can also be arranged. Usually it is better to have the cleaners come in when employees have left the offices and things have quietened down. This way cleaners don’t get in the way of employees and it also makes it easier for the cleaners to do a thorough clean in lesser time.
  • Ask your office employees to keep the mess and clutter of their workstations to a minimum, this will not only help improve productivity of your workers (because things are more organized) but will also make it much easier for cleaners to do their job. Documents won’t be misplaced and there won’t be unnecessary issues to deal with. Cleaning companies usually make it a policy not to touch any files or papers left on desks.
  • Depending on your location and the services you require, the cleaning company you hire may vary in price. Carefully decide on the cleaning requirements of your office building and choose a cleaning company wisely. Look into the quality of their services and how they have handled previous clients, which you can find from customer testimonials and referrals. Make a budget for your office cleaning requirements and speak to the cleaning company to work around the budget and prepare the ideal office cleaning schedule for your business.

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