Office Cleaning For The Holiday Season:

Posted Date: 29-11-2013

With the holiday season fast approaching and celebrations about to start, your offices will begin to fill with Christmas décor and your employees will be in an overall festive mood considering the forthcoming holidays. This makes it an ideal time to set up a holiday cleaning and maintenance plan for your offices.

Even if you already have a good office cleaning service in Melbourne, it is important to take into consideration the fact that your office cleaning needs would be different during the holiday season and if you fail to organize a proper office cleaning plan it may result in the level of cleanliness dropping.

We have outlined some key points to keeping your Melbourne offices clean during the holiday season:

  • If you plan on having an office Christmas party it is important to inform your office cleaners beforehand as well as arrange an office cleaning service for after the party.

  • Keep your staff informed, before they go on leave request they tidy up their offices and work areas so it will be more organized and neat. This will make it better for the cleaning staff as it will be easier for them to manoeuvre around the office without having stacks of paper and boxes in the way.

  • Clean out the fridge: make sure that all food items are removed from the fridge. Don’t leave that pasta, pizza or milk in the fridge through the holidays; they will turn your fridge into a breeding ground for bacteria. Remove all the food and inform the office cleaners to dis-infect and clean it.

  • Arrange the for major restoration and cleaning jobs to be done: With your office staff going on leave and the offices not operating it makes it the perfect time to strip and re-finish hardwood floors, steam clean carpets, wash interior windows and clean up the tiles. Organize a good office cleaning package for the holiday season from professional office cleaners to get quality results.

  • Another thing you can get done while your offices are pretty much empty is pest control. Pest control usually involves cordoning off an entire area for a couple of days and this makes the holiday season an ideal time for this. You don’t want to have to return to the offices to see ants and other bugs running around.

  • Finally schedule a complete clean-up of your office building with your office cleaners in Melbourne before your staff return to work. This will prevent the office building from feeling unused and also remove the dust that can build up over the holidays.

As you can see cleaning your office building during the holiday season is just as important as maintaining it during work days. It is vital to select a good office cleaning company locally in Melbourne to take care of your holiday cleaning needs.

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