Rules for the Office Kitchen – Keeping It Clean:

Posted Date: 06-03-2014

Having a set of rules for keeping the office kitchen clean is an absolute must; otherwise it can result in a very unhygienic environment that is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If you want to avoid finding mouldy sandwiches in the fridge, avoid having to deal with dirty dishes that have been left there for weeks, or even avoid the frustration of having your food go missing - then it is essential that you have office kitchen rules in place. Although you may have a professional office cleaning service that comes in on a weekly schedule to handle the cleaning it is still a good idea to set some general rules that will help maintain a sanitary environment throughout. Rules inform the employees at the workplace on what their responsibilities are when it comes to the office kitchen and will help prevent any unnecessary confrontations over dirty dishes or spilled food. The list below has some rules that you can choose from to incorporate into your office kitchen so as to help maintain a healthier workplace and cleaner office.

Some office kitchen rules:

  • Clean after your mess: If you spilt something, be sure to clean it up straight away. Regardless of whether it was on the floor, counter top, or fridge make sure to wipe it immediately, don’t procrastinate.

  • Use a microwave cover when heating food: Some foods may splatter when heated in the microwave causing a mess inside and making it disgusting for the next person using it. Make sure to use a cover to prevent splattering or if food does splatter make sure to clean up after.

  • If you use the last bit of something inform the person responsible or replace it: Some general items around the office like coffee, sugar, or even paper cups and plates are shared and you could be the person to use the last bit of what’s left. If this person is you, inform the right person or replace the supply yourself.

  • Label food that you put in the fridge: If the food you put in the fridge is yours, then label it with your name, if it is something you brought to share with people then label that. (sometimes it’s a good idea to even include a best before date, just in case).

  • Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you: If there’s food in the kitchen, even if it may not be labelled do not eat it if it isn’t yours.

  • Wash the dishes right away: After using dishes make sure to wash the dirty dishes straight away, don’t leave them to 'soak' so you can wash it later, it's important to wash it immediately after using them.

  • If you see food rotting, throw it away: Doesn't matter if the food isn’t yours, if its rotting and starting to mould then throw it away. If you like you can always let the person know that you did throw it (if the food was labelled and you know who it is)

  • Roster clean-ups of the fridge: set a up a weekly or fortnightly clean-up of the fridge and make sure your co-workers know food in the fridge on this day is food in the bin.

  • Store your food correctly and don’t take up too much space: When keeping food in the fridge make sure they are in safe containers (not something that would break easily) and be sure to cover them up properly to avoid spills. When it comes to storing food in the cupboards, don’t take up all the space, be fair and remember there’s a whole bunch of others using it too.

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