Preventing Bugs & Pests in the Office – What needs to be done:

Posted Date: 03-04-2014

Sometimes even offices that seem to be clean and well maintained can get infiltrated by pests and turn into a breeding ground eventually spreading and becoming a serious problem. The most common types of pests found in offices are ants, cockroaches, mice, and even termites usually in search of food or water. If the right precautions are taken you can prevent these office pests from showing up, multiplying and causing chaos in the workplace, find out how you can get rid of office pests below:

  • Identifying the Problem:
    It is important to monitor the places in the office that would attract these pests, identifying these problem areas will help you tackle the pests and prevent them from returning. The main problem problem areas include the office kitchen because of the food, the bathroom because of the water and sometimes even cracks in the walls where bugs and mice might get inside. The first step in getting rid of the pests and controlling them is to identify where they would flourish in the office then working towards cleaning the office problem area.

  • Cleaning the Problem Areas:
    It’s not always a messy office that attracts these office pests, but it would definitely be less common to find them in a regularly cleaned office building rather than in a dirty one. The following tips will help maintain a cleaner office:

    • Remove unnecessary clutter
    • Clean all spills straightaway before staining
    • Keep all food and drinks in secure containers and make sure they are properly stored
    • Clean out the office refrigerator at least once a month
    • Keep all trashcans covered
    • Take out the trash (that contains food) out daily and replace the bin bags
    • Dust the workplace regularly
    • Sanitize and clean problem areas (like the bathrooms and kitchen)
    • Hire a professional office cleaning company to maintain cleanliness in the office

  • Keep the Employees Informed:
    It is very important to educate your employees on the potential pests they may be bringing into the office unknowingly (like bedbugs), as well as educating them on what would attract various office pests. You can also inform them on ways to keep the office clean and prevent these bugs from spreading. Send out a general e-mail to employees discussing office pests and cleanliness in the workplace.

  • Make Use of Pesticides and Traps:
    If you’re having a pest problem with them starting to flourish and spread you may have to apply pesticides where necessary. Find the problem areas and apply the pesticides only to those affected spots, be sure to do this after office hours so that employees will not be troubled by the fumes. If you have mice or other rodents it may also be necessary to set up traps to capture them.

  • Get a Professional Office Cleaner or Exterminator
    Sometimes a simple pest problem can turn into an outbreak. If you are dealing with more than just a group of ants or a few cockroaches then it will be a good idea to call in the pros, if its cleaning call in a commercial office cleaning company, if the problem is an outbreak of a certain pest then it may be necessary to obtain the services of an exterminator.

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