Save Money By Going Green In Your Office:

Posted Date: 28-01-2014

Businesses are always looking at ways they can save money; today on the Ecokleen Office Cleaning blog we discuss some general eco-friendly tips to reduce cost as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your office building. Even if you are already using a green office cleaning company these general tips can help reduce overall costs.

  • Recycling: Offices generally accumulate large amounts of recyclable stuff every few weeks. Speak to your eco-friendly office cleaning company and create a special plan to organize a recycling process. A majority of green office cleaners will provide special recycle bins which can be used. Keeping your staff informed is also just as important so proper use of these bins is made.

  • Reduce Paper Usage: Reduce the use of paper as much as possible – go digital and send those everyday memos and updates by email instead, create digital documents which can be copied and sent around rather than having physical copies printed out. Also cut down on printing and make print outs only when absolutely necessary.

  • Use re-usable dishes and cutlery: Stop using disposable products like plastic cups, knives, forks and paper plates. Instead get your office staff to make use of re-usable tableware but make sure to ask them to clean up after themselves.

  • Reduce the use of paper towels and disposable wipes when cleaning: It is better to make use of reusable sponges and mops to wipe and clean surfaces rather than using disposable cleaning wipes as it will reduce cost as well as wastage.

  • Save on power consumption and electricity: Majority of working staff in office buildings tend to leave their computers turned on and running even after office hours, this can incur a significant cost annually when the combined power wastage of all these running computers is taken into account. Another way to considerably reduce power wastage and electricity costs is to make use of energy-saving bulbs. Replace old bulbs with high efficiency energy saving bulbs and notice a difference in your electricity bills.

  • Select an office cleaning company that makes use of these eco-friendly techniques such as:
    • supplying recycled toilet paper and handtowels.
    • turning lights on only when necessary (for cleaning) and turning them off when done.
    • using eco-friendly cleaning solvents and equipment

Using an eco-friendly strategy within your office and applying it to your office cleaning service too will not only reduce costs over all but create a more cleaner and healthier working environment for your staff.

Talk to EcoKleen today and find out how our green cleaning services can improve your office buildings.

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